We continually invest in the modernization and expansion of our machine park and tools. Our main goals are to increase overall efficiency and further improve the quality of rendered services.

Our modern fully automatic SMT assembly production line consists of a solder paste printer, two precise, high-speed SMD placers and a reflow system. We have expanded the THT assembly department with a new through-hole assembly machine.

We also use automatic wire processing machines for basic operations, such as cutting, stripping and crimping.


Machine Park [Electronics assembly]

Fully automatic in-line solder paste printer Ekra X3

Full automatic
Repeatability: +/- 25 um
Maximum print format: up to 460×460 mm

High-speed precise SMD placers (Pick&Place machines) P&P JUKI KE 2050 (chip shooter) JUKI KE 2060

Efficiency: up to 240 000 placed components per day
Capable of using up to 160 8mm feeders at once
Optical and laser measurements
Min. size of components: 0201
Min. lead pitch of components: 0,4 mm

Reflow Soldering Oven JUKI RS 800

8-zone heating (heating zones length 3120 mm)
2-zone cooling ( cooling zones length 800 mm)
Temperature range 20-300 degrees

Hybrid AOI YAMAHA YSi-12

Test performance: 18ms/cm2
Resolution for the X/Y axis: 10 µm
Resolution for the Z axis: 5 µm
The ability to control circuits with maximum dimensions: 600×460 mm
The ability to control ready circuits and apply paste

Selective soldering – Ersa ECOSELECT 1

Two soldering heads capable of soldering using two types of alloys
Precise fluxing module,
Option to preheat the PCB on both sides,
Possibility of soldering panels up to 508 x 508 mm in size,
Capacity up to 600,000 soldering points per month

Printed circuit boards separator Maestro 2M

Elimination of the problem with cracking SMD components
Titanium cutting discs

Soldering stations from reputable providers: JBC, Ersa, Weller

Temperature tolerance +/- 2° C

Programming, testing and service stations

Programming components and modules with dedicated tools
Test and inspections in accordance with client’s specifications
Detection and elimination of any non-conformities

Machine Park [Cable harnesses production]:

Automatic wire processing machine Kodera C550SZTSe

Actual capacity of up to 60 000 cables per day
Automatic crimping of terminals on one side of the cable
Automatic twisting of copper wires and tinning on the other side of the cable
100% force control of each crimp
Adapted to thin wires from 0.03mm2 (AWG 32) and small rasters of connectors from 1mm

Automatic wire processing machine Kodera C551SZ

Actual capacity of up to 60 000 cables per day
Automatic crimping of terminals on both sides of the wires
100% force control of each crimp
Adapted to thin wires from 0.03mm2 (AWG 32) and small rasters of connectors from 1mm

Automatic cutting and stripping machines Kodera Casting C351 and SchleunigerMultiStrip 9480

Total efficiency: 100 000 wires cut and stripped per day
Min. wire gauge/cross-section: AWG 28 /0,08mm2
Max. wire gauge/cross-section: AWG 6 /16mm2
Ability to cut and strip multi wired cables

Komax ADS 115

Active, compact system for smooth cable feeding, with an electric drive
Cable feeding at a speed of up to 3m/s
Improved quality of wire cutting (complete elimination of jerks on cutting machines)

Komax Mira 32

Compact model for stripping cables with electrical control.
Isolation of wires with cross-sections 0.03-3.3 mm2 (AWG 32-12)
Total stripping length 1-25 mm
Partial stripping length 2-25 mm
Cycle time approx. 0.3 s

Printer – Hitachi Ink Jet UX Series

Possibility to print any content on the entire cable (repeating the content every few cm)
Inkjet printer – does not interfere with insulation
Black ink
Print height 2-10 mm

Applicators for terminals (more than 30 pcst) Mecal, Tyco, Hanke

Side and rear-loaded
Ability to crimp most of the terminals and connectors available at the market

Quality control RED PT110 – Motorized pull tester and crimp cross-section analysis stadion

Thorough record of performed tests
Tolerance: 0,5%
Ability to measure up to 1000 N tensile strength

Machine Park [milling]:

CNC milling machine – CROMACHINE MR400

spindle 2.2 kW, CNC milling area is 433 mm x 248 mm x 200 mm

Milling materials:
Plastics (PEHD, LDPE, PC, PMMA)
Wood and wood-based materials (MDF, chipboard, plywood)
Metals (Steel, aluminum, brass, bronze)