For more than 10 years we have provided polish clients with electronics manufacturing and wiring harness assembly services.

Our modern machine park, our knowledgeable and experienced employees allow us to render services such asfully automatic SMT, THT, finished product, and wiring harness assembly. We offer high quality services and timely deliveries at a modest price. Whether it is a single production or a long-term job, we are interested to see Your project. We work for private individuals as well as for many different sized companies, from start-ups to large corporations.
Being a medium-sized company gives us flexibility in our operations and allows us to directly and quickly address even the most challenging requirements.
We source all components required to manufacture your products from reliable suppliers and keep stock if necessary.

We are also open to using components delivered by the client.

SMT assembly

We offer precise double-sided SMT assembly service using lead-free soldering materials. Our production line consists of a fully automatic solder paste printer, two Pick-and-Place machines and a reflow system, which allows us to:

Mount component down to 0201 in size
Reliably place component with lead pitch down to 0,4mm and BGA down to 0,5mm
Performing Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI)

More information can be found here.

THT assembly

In addition to the SMT manufacturing process, we also offer automatic and manual THT assembly. For every project, we use only certified, professional soldering materials and care for effective ESD protection. To provide high quality services our employees regularly receive training both internal and external.
We use professional soldering stations designed and manufactured by reputable providers.

We offer:
Mounting wires in PCBs
Custom assembly

Cable harnesses production

As part of the assembly of harnesses, we offer both:
Cutting and crimping wires
Production of cable harnesses

We provide basic wire cutting and crimping as well as harnesses building. Our wire processing machines allow us to cut, strip and crimp wire fully automatically. Having a wide variety of applicators, we can crimp most of the terminals and connectors available at the market.

Our services also include:
Stripping, autosplicing and wire marking

We gladly undertake assemblies of simple one-wired as well as extensive, long and complex harnesses. Assembled harnesses are thoroughly tested.
If required, we can prepare and launch production based only on a sample.

Additional services

Programming of components and modules
Functional testing in accordance with the client’s specification
Applying a conformal coating
PCB cleaning using ultrasonic cleaners
Mechanical machining of housings/cases (milling, threading, etc.)
Finished product assembly including preparation of the end-user

We are prepared to implement the client’s custom assembly solutions. We are committed to expanding our knowledge and skills. By accepting and solving challenges we expand the range of our services and strive to become a comprehensive business partner for our clients.

CNC milling

We mill in the following materials:


The maximum working area is 250x400mm, machining in 3 axes.
To prepare the calculation, in addition to the drawing in the PDF file, we ask our customers to send DXF or DWG files, which saves us time on the project and reduces its costs.

Extra services which we provide are:


We have over 10 years of experience in industries such as: